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About Client

Sabeha Trading Company is founded officially in 1955 in the Aden city by three brothers Ahmad , Hassan and Abdullah the focus was on fabrics and ropes trade. In 1963 the Sabeha Trading Company moved to the port of Hodeida .This was the beginning of a new era for Sabeha Trading Company where it is today one of the most prestigious and successful companies in the Republic of Yemen

Work Details

A fully-responsive, bold and memorable CMS featuring the latest technology. There is a strong focus not only on brand but on customer service, with many "Why buy from us?" reinforcements throughout the site..

An advanced website whose objective is to constantly embrace the latest technologies in order to meet the needs of both its dealers and customers. Keep an eye out for the live service ,new and available cars, .


  • Creative Design
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • CMS

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