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Browser Usage Statistics 2013

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Browser Usage Statistics  2013

Browser Usage Statistics 2013

Browser Usage Statistics  2013

We all know that your website needs to look good on all commonly used web browsers, but what are they? With browsers and new browser versions launching all of the time (IE10 and Fire Fox 19), we wanted to take a look at which browsers are being used most.

In January 2013, research and log files shows the following breakdown:

Internet Explorer 14.3%
IE 10 – 0.8%
IE 9 – 5.9%
IE 8 – 6.4%
IE 7 – 1%
IE 6 – .3%

Firefox 30.2%
FF19 – 0.6%
FF18 – 12.4%
FF17 – 8.3%
FF16 – 1.6%
FF* – 7.3%

Chrome 48.4%
C 25 – 0.7%
C 24 – 26.5%
C 23 – 17.7%
C22 – 0.7%
Older – 2.8%

Safari 4.2%
S 6 – 2.7%
S 5 – 1.4%
S 4 – 0.1%

Opera 1.9%
O 12 – 1.1%
O 11 – 0.1%
O Mini – 0.6%
Other – 0.1%

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