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Team Founder

Basim A.F.Alhomaidi

Team Leader and Web Creative Director

A founder and Director of the Team . He is Managing Director and is responsible for all aspects of the business. He has a vast amount of experience in working on large scale web projects and is always ready to discuss new business ideas with clients. Basim has a passion for the advanced programming techniques and approaches , software industry, he has a wide interest in the field of information security, also interested in academic work

Basim has been involved in the website development industry since 2007. Basim have over 6 years of commercial web development experience and has a keen interested in the latest emerging web technologies. I use my spare time to turn my experience, ideas and love for web tech into informative articles, tutorials and more in hope to help others and learn more. .

Meet Our Core Team

Sami Saeed
Sami Saeed
Team Lead Web designer

Sami Saeed is a graduate of the thamar University With Bachelors in IT he now completed his Master of Information Technology Systems. He has knowledge of a variety of dynamic web languages and relational database systems, skills he uses to follow his passion for building intuitive, easy to use, and efficient web systems.

Assem Homaidy
Assem Homaidy
Team Lead Graphic designer

Graduating with a Bachelor of IT from Taiz University, Assem followed an interest in graphic design and began working extensively in the web field. With a love of clean, fuser-riendly design, he is proficient in UX, front-end development,Photoshop, 3D Modeling ,Illustrator ,Indesign Assem loves a design challenge and is always seeking out new ideas, trends, and creative solutions.

abrahim alwafi
abrahim alwafi
Marketing Manager

abrahim is a graduate of the Advertising Integrated Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence College. he began his career in marketing communications in a variety of industries including Economic Development, Telecommunications and Newspaper before settling on Web Development. With a drive to meet and exceed goals, abrahim is dedicated to ensuring the successful completion of a project.

Abdulbari Alhomeedy
Abdulbari Alhomeedy
Team manager in Marib

Abdulbari holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and information systems and works as a web developer and director of various websites of a sovereign government of Yemen and has been working as a free developer since 2010. Recently he joined the webeng team to become the team's manager in Marib province.

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